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  • My Forum Hacking Every time


    i have big forums 8 gb database.

    i host my db in windows 2003 server and i use mysql 4.1

    my all tables droped i changed my db password but again droped . and every time drop.

    what is my problem please help.

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    Sounds like someone gained access to your server. I suggest you contact your host and let them check.
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      Make sure the servers and services you are running are up to date, with this I mean your web server, ftp server, mysql server, php version, and the other stuff on the server. Including your vbulletin version.

      Add .htaccess to your admincp/ and modcp/ dir and rename these dirs.

      Don't turn on html on your forum.

      Change all the staff passwords to hard to guess passwords

      Delete the install/ directory

      Don't leave tools.php on the server

      Change your ftp passwords to hard to guess passwords

      Change your mysql passwords to hard to guess passwords

      Check your server and forum user accounts for unauthorized logins and usernames and delete any that you don't need or are unknown.

      Check for rootkits and trojans on the windows machine.

      Consider moving to linux based operating system.

      Check this thread:

      And check you server logs on HOW they got in, and fix that hole


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        If you have Flashchat 4.5.7 or a near version installed; then you are under great danger. I just avoided owner of gaining access to my account using c99shell with help of an exploit found in FlashChat's integration modules.

        Take care!


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          i dont have Flashchat.

          i have big problem. i changed all ftp passwords hackers cant find my mysql password but he drop or delete my tables.


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            Check if you don't got any new mysql users or change all the mysql users passwords.
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              Go through my post and that thread. And contact your host and find out HOW they got in. If you dont find that out they will be abel to do it over and over.


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                i upgraded last version i changed all password, i setted all permisions but again hack my forum.

                hacker can delete forumns, can change thread headlines, they can make anything but i cant see in logs. i thing they change with mysq command.

                what is my problem help me please.


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                  Obviously through something else but vbulletin they gain access to the forum or database. Again .. contact your hosting provider and check for access logs to find out how they get in. There are no known security issues with 3.6.4


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                    Same thread as this again

                    Obviously this guy has a problem with his server being exploited, or still running software that allows them to keep exploiting it.


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