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Old backup files after upgrading?

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  • Old backup files after upgrading?

    I recently upgraded to the new version (I paid to have it professionally upgraded). Our boards have been upgraded several times over the last few years, and the backup files are still on our server. Since I upgraded, my disk usage has gone way up, and I am assuming it is because the backup is still there, as is other back up's from previous upgrades.

    My question is, if the back up files are removed, will this free up disk space on my server (I currently only have about 10 percent left, which isn't nearly enough), and do I NEED to keep the old back up's? Also, since I paid for the professional upgrade, is removing the old back up's part of the service I paid for, or do I have to pay an extra charge to have a technician go in and safely remove the old backup's? I don't want to try removing them myself because I don't know how to safely do so.

    Please advise! Thanks!

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    Onlu recent backs are needed in case you need to restore else you will lose a huge amount of data. If you are taking regular backups the old ones become obsolete and you should be able to either archive them or remove them completely. If you are not sure, you should be able to ask your host to do this for you.

    The upgrade service does not include file mainentance on your server, it only covers the upgrade it self.