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Schema - customavatar.width and customavatar.height = 0

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  • Schema - customavatar.width and customavatar.height = 0

    Was there an app/schema change related to custom avatars recently? 90% of the custom avatars at our site have width and height set to 0. Based on the data it looks like any newer custom avatars have the width and height set correctly. Makes me think that width and height didn't exist, and then they were added.

    My question is, do you have a script that will update avatars that have width and height = 0?


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    Those fields were added in 3.5.x. They were not present in 3.0.x.

    I happen to have a test database from my main forum that has been upgraded from 3.0.x to 3.5.x. All of the old customavatar records have 0 for both dimensions. It seems this is the normal behavior. Of course the dimensions are not required to display the image, but they can help in page rendering.

    I am not aware of any script that will update the dimensions of these records.


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      Yes and no


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        Originally posted by Freddie Bingham View Post
        Yes and no
        Meaning you can write a sciprt but you're not going to post it.

        I guess I could write a quick script to do it, but it would be very appreciated if you guys provided it.

        Either way let me know. Thanks.


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          Yes, we added the tags and no, we don't have a script. You don't need to change those tags as we only added it to combat the animated gif avatars that pass image checks but are really larger than the allowed size.

          If you have those avatars, you already know about it and have deleted them. This takes away any incentive for users to try to upload them again.


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