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    I found the solution myself. Since I lost about half a day to fix this I think that other people might benefit from this solution.

    The problem was that Apache 2.2.3 is not compatible with both PHP 5.1.6 and PHP 4.4.4 (which - at the time of this writing - is the latest version from the PHP 4 branch)

    When submitting a form using the POST mechanism and the submitted data was over a certain size, Apache crashed. Apache's logs contained the following information:

    Parent: child process exited with status 3221225477

    What was confusing is that there are plenty of forums where people complain about the above error and there are almost no answers to it (just search in Google for the above string and see what you get). It seems that there are incompatibility issues between a broad range of PHP versions and Apache versions, which is very sad.

    The solution to this problem is to use PHP 5.2.0 which, at the time of this writing is only 9 days old. I hope that the marriage between Apache 2.2.3 and PHP 5.2.0 is going to last, otherwise people will have to start hunting which version goes with which version again.

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