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AJAX Edit works only in some posts in certain forums...only??

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  • AJAX Edit works only in some posts in certain forums...only??

    Hi guys.

    How it's possible to have AJAX Edit feature working only in some posts and in some others dont?

    I have a Greek forum with ISO-8859-7 and i m encountering this problem since my upgrade to 3.6.0.

    Thanks in advance!

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    No, there is no function to do this. What problems are you having?
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      You should ask your host to install iconv.


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        Hi again!

        What i mean is that in some forums and in some threads into that forums,i can quick edit the posts and in others i cant!! That's really weird! I ve tried many solutions that i ve found in this forum by searching but no luck so far.

        Zachery,i dont know if the server has iconv (i ve just send them email), but as i mentioned i can make quick edit in some threads so i assume that i have iconv installed, right?

        Thanks for your time!


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          If it works in some threads, I would assume the some threads are using standard english, and the threads that dont work are the ones with non english chatacters.