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How do I control post restrictions on Moderators ?

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  • How do I control post restrictions on Moderators ?


    One of my moderator has a notorious habit of mis-using his power of not waiting for 30 sec to post another post. He keeps on posting trash in other forums where spamming is allowed. I guess by default vb allows Mods to post without any delay of time frame, which is usually 30 sec for most users.

    How can i restrict the mod usergroup to have a similar post timing restriction, or more specifically, any specific user (which wud be this mod for me)

    Hope u can help me figure this one


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    Remove him from being a mod.
    Why do people want features to police people they freely put into power and can freely remove from power?


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      He's a good mod bro, helps a lot to newbies, the prob is he is addicted to increasing his post count. I dnt want to disable post count of a forum for this reason only, hence asking for a way out

      Vb options on flood check say " Administrators and moderators are exempt from floodcheck."

      Any other inputs, other than firing the lad


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        Any other thoughts about this issue friends ?


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          I would remove any Mod who acted like that after being told not to.
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