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Installation with GoDaddy as a host

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  • Installation with GoDaddy as a host


    I've searched around the forums and looked at various threads about having GoDaddy as a host, and I've seen mixed feelings about it and unfortunately it's the only real place I can go for now. And admittedly I am not very saavy when it comes to PHP and forums installation ^^; However, I am still trying to install it on my site, and it's not working.

    I've followed the manual, and still I can't get it to work. I downloaded 3.6.2 and I'm not entirely sure it'll even work with GoDaddy (I've tried looking at what their MySQL versions are and things and it's not very clear). I saw a couple of threads as well in which a couple people had to ask for some permissions to be changed by GoDaddy, and I was wondering if I still have to do this as well? I can't even get the installation page to come up even after I uploaded the files (when you need to go to install.php)

    Any help I could get would be much appreciated. Again I am not entirely saavy about this stuff so it could be something I'm doing wrong. All I know is it's not working and I need some help ^^; Sorry if this is the wrong forum as well. Thank you very much for your time!

    - Brianna

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    You need to be on one of their Linux server to install and run vB. If you are on a Windows server you will need to ask them to switch you to a Linux one.

    If that's not it, what is the specific problem you are having?
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      Out of interest, why is it the only place you can go atm ?
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        Alright, I asked them to switch it over, and they said it'll probably take up to three days to take effect. I'll try again when it kicks in and if it doesn't work I'll come back here. Thank you very much =)

        @Paul M - Well, I'm pretty much on my own now and getting ready to go to college, so my finances don't leave a lot for extra spending at the current moment, otherwise I would probably switch in a heartbeat. So I just kind of have to work with what I have at the moment unfortunately.


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          I use GoDaddy (on a Linux server) and everything works fine for me. I am running 3.6.0 and plan to upgrade to 3.6.2 this weekend.


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            Wait, I thought vB could run on a Windows Server, as long as you have SQL and Apache with PHP?
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              Originally posted by Alteran Ancient View Post
              Wait, I thought vB could run on a Windows Server, as long as you have SQL and Apache with PHP?

              It will run on a windows server providing you have those things installed.
              It will not run on the godaddy windows hosting becuase they dont have php support on there lower value plans.


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                Not only that but their installations of php on windows are very very restrsitive, to the point of php almost being worthless on the machines.


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                  Okay, I have it set as a Linux server now, and I can get to the Installation page now, which I wasn't able to before. But now this is my problem:

                  Attempting to attach to database
                  Error description: mysql_connect(): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock' (2) /home/content/a/l/l/alldestruction/html/forums/includes/class_core.php on line 271
                  The database has failed to connect because you do not have permission to connect to the server. Please confirm the values entered in the 'includes/config.php' file.

                  If I'm not mistaken, someone in the past has had this same problem when trying to upload to GoDaddy. Is there something I need to ask them to switch now? Or is this a different issue?

                  Thanks! =)


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                    have you changed the hostname for your sql server? its not localhost

                    i had to use this
                    it might be different for you, check under your sql database properties


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