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Urgent Licensing issue!

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  • Urgent Licensing issue!

    I have tried to alter my vB license for several years from to to no avail.

    I own a perpetual license and moved domains a long time ago but have been very frustrated with no response from you.

    This morning I found my site shutdown because my provider has been threated with legal action due to me running unlicensed software. This is totally incorrect and I'm EXTREMELY pissed off! I have a recently renewed and upgraaded to a perpetual license and have NEVER run unlicensed for the past 5 years!

    I have entered another ticket (as I have done 4 times before) so I am hoping somebody can you change the licensed domain as previously requested - and explain what the hell is going on.

    I would appreciate some form of contact as I have never received a response to ANY of my previous tickets! This is now beyond a joke...I appreciate the good work you put in to the software and its why I've stayed as a loyal customer, but to now be shut down due to your own shortcomings is absolutely unacceptable.

    Can somebody explain what the hell is actually going on? and do you check you tickets? I've never received a reply to any of them! Sorry if this is the wrong place but I'm out of options and my site is now down thanks to Jelsoft. Due to past experience I have no faith in anyone actually bothering to read a support ticket and respond to me.

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    There are no unanswered tickets right now. Please PM me your ticket ID number.

    Also I don't understand why you are having this problem. You can easily change your forum URL in the Members Area. People do this all the time.
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      Looks like it's working now.


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        Yes its back online now.

        Thanks to Steve and Martin for the swift response - issue resolved.