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  • Posting URLS/Links??

    Im looking to make the "insertURL" button so when a user wants to post a URL/Link its asks you the name of the link (go here) then you type the real link ( then it dont show the full url just the name you named it in the post. How do i make this happen? It make the forums post much cleaner when you got the long urls.


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    From vB Options, in your AdminCp -> BBCode


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      Originally posted by Klaymen TK View Post
      From vB Options, in your AdminCp -> BBCode
      Im sorry but im still missing something.... All the options a checked in bb code setting under admincp options. What setting am i looking for?

      Just in case i did not explain it good, its where the Insert link button ask 2 questions. Name of url(to show in post) and the real URL(link to site).


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        Ok, try to go in Usergoup Settings and check if they can use BBCode in their posts.


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          Klaymen_TK, your answers don't resolve the original poster's question.

          z3us, What you describe is how vBulletin 2.0 worked. Starting with vBulletin 3, you select text, then click add URL, and it makes that text into a link. Most of the time, I just keep typing my paragraph and then go back and highlight parts of it and link them up. But I would love to see where if you have not selected any text, then it asks you to type in some text. I am not sure if this is possible with JavaScript though.


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            I'm having the same issue with my upgrade. I'd love to see this resolved. makes it real easy to add text name links :-)


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              vBulletin USED to work like that back at vB2.0. What you are asking for, I believe, is a feature request so that if no text is selected, bring up the enter text box.


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                Cheers feldon.. took me a while to work that one out too


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