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    when upgrading, and before uploading all files, do i del all files in my /forums directory first or just overwrite? Are any old files being upgraded, or are all the new files in the /upload directory?


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    The files online are all the files from the upload/ directory. So when you upload 3.6.1 you upload all the files from the unpacked .zip file's upload/ directory. Overwriting the files already online. Don't skip or resume, truely overwrite. If you have doubts you can remove the files online.

    Note: ALWAYS backup the database and the files first, before you upgrade. has upgrade instructions in more detail.


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      and they are uploaded in binary or ASCII ??? I believe images are different correct?



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        Most FTP client applications will handle the file transfers automatically, but if for some reason your application does not, you should make a note of the following:
        • All text files to be transferred in ASCII mode
          All files containing plain text from the vBulletin package should be transferred in ASCII mode.
          Text file types you will find in vBulletin are: .html, .php, .js, .xml, .css.
        • All non-text files to be transferred in Binary mode
          The remaining files, which are mostly images, should be transferred to your web server in Binary mode.
          Binary file types used in vBulletin include: .gif, .png, .jpg, .ico.


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          ok well this is what i'd like to do... i want to remove all hacks, all file mod's that ive done. Want a fresh install of all files and templates but i want to use my database.

          how would i do this, would i do a fresh install of vB3.6 or would i still upgrade from 3.5 to 3.6 ?

          I want to clean everything up on my public_html folder, thanks


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            This sounds useless, why strip everything and do a fresh install, having 1 user, 1 forum, 0 posts .. and then upgrade to 3.6?

            I think what you want is to uninstall all the hacks and plugins. Then upgrade to 3.6

            And you're done.


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              thats not what i want to do. i want to keep my users/forums etc... just want everything fresh. Files will be fresh because i will upload all fresh files, but what about all the temps and hacks that i have installed.

              I want to keep my users, just want to clean everything else up.



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                In that case you could install 3.6.1 fresh and then import the old data using impex.


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                  could i import a 3.5 database on 3.6.1? My 3.5 db has hacks.

                  What is Impex?


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                    Yes, ImpEx = Import / Export Software, written by Jelsoft. It allows you to import old forums into new ones.

                    3.5 is supported by the 3.6.1 impex


                    Impex is free for download and comes with free support.


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