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Steps to make gradient styles (other than blue)???

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  • Steps to make gradient styles (other than blue)???


    I am new to vBulletin and I have to say it is awesome!

    But some of the users on my site would like different styles, but in the form of different gradient colors...such as green, black, and red.

    I have seen gradient greens on other sites, but I can't seem to replicate that.

    Could someone please post the instructions that I would need to do in order to do this? Remember I am new, so if you wouldn't mind telling the the paths to in the AdminCP to get to the various places.

    Thanks a lot!!!

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    Hey there

    I'm assuming you mean gradients that appear on the headers etc, like this:

    Basically, they're not generated by the forum it's self, but by you. They're just gif images. First, you need to modify the image however you like (or create a new one altogether) in an image editing program. Then, you need to upload it somewhere.

    You can either over-write the original image (saves you from fiddling with the css), or you can leave the original image and upload your new one somewhere else (meaning you have to edit the css a bit).

    To do the former, you need to save your replacement image with the same filename as the old one. There's 2, really: gradient_thead.gif and gradient_tcat.gif. Then you need to upload them to forumdirectory/images/gradients on your site. For the latter, save your image as whatever you like, and upload it to where you like, but remember the address of it. Then head to the style manager in the admin cp, and edit the main css of your skin. (Admincp/style manager/ dropdown menu on the style you're editing/main css). Then you can just swap the addresses in the url( ) tags and hit save css

    Hope this helps - i tried to write it out as fully as i could. It's really very simple when you know how to do it.


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      Thank you so much! I'll get on making them....


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