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Redirected to localhost after login

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  • Redirected to localhost after login

    After upgrading to 3.6.0 anytime users try to login to the fourm, they get redirected to:

    If we try to login to the admin or mod control panels we get the same redirect. If we replace the with we are able to get logged in. This same issue also occured after we put in place the cross site scripting security fix.

    I suspect this maybe a webserver issue, but wanted to check here first. As always your help is greatly appreciated.

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    The login form should not change the current host. Try to reproduce this problem on the default style with no plugins or file hacks.


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      Jake, here is the respomse from our webserver admin.

      I've found that the problem was in VBulletin use of HTTP_HOST server
      variable, which is set to the local address of backend server in our
      setup. To fix this, I've put an appropriate line of php code to
      Here is what he had to add to the config.php in order to resolve the redirect issue.

      PHP Code:
      // to avoid redirecting issue, temporarily setting HTTP_HOST to SERVER_NAME
      FYI I did disable the plugins system at one point and it did not resolve the redirect issue.


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