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Posting Spam Hell from India

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  • Posting Spam Hell from India

    I've been spammed by someone who keeps coming back to the site posting for this site. He adds some article about the latest in entertainment along with URLs in the bottom, the most common of which are a toospoiled and askamerica domains, several variations with dashes, etc. He keeps dumping one after another into the same folder, different articles. Banning IP isn't working and I'm seeing the following as the latest:

    The IP Address is: The host name is:

    It seems that the source of all this crap is coming from India. I'm wondering whether others have encountered similar type attacks and what they are doing about it. Other than banning the entire country -- which I may do -- what are you guys doing to prevent this proliferation of posting spam?
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    There are several registration options to make it more difficult for bots to register and post, including email verification and image verification. Unfortunately some bots are smart enough to get past these barriers.

    If the problem is getting out of control then I recommend you enable moderation of new users so you have to manually approve accounts before they can post.