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  • Upload of file failed.

    I have this discussion started under a separate thread with a different subject matter but would like to discuss this subject specifically.

    I have 3 new vbulletin based sites (3.5.4 x 2, 3.6.0 x 1) and all are experiencing the following issue when attempting to upload a new Avatar or Profile Picture:

    From either a local PC or from a URL I am able to select the file and see the preview thumbnail of it but once I click Save I get the following error message:

    Upload of file failed.

    Afterwards the avatar/profile picture appears but I would like to know the cause/remedy for this error message.

    • I am seeing the same behaviour here on itself.
    • I have attempted from both Firefox and IE, 3 different PC's and internet connections.
    • I am trying with both .jpg and .gif and under the required file size and dimensions.
    Also, here are the results from my upload diag test:

    file_uploads: On
    open_basedir: /home/myusername:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php:/tmp
    safe_mode: Off
    upload_tmp_dir: /tmp
    upload_max_filesize: 16.00 MB

    No errors occurred while opening the uploaded file for reading.

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    Before I get into this too deeply, if you are having the same problem here then the issue has to be on your end since no one else is having this problem. Have you tried using a different browser?
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      Yes, I had considered as I would not expect to have this issue. I am testing with both IE and Firefox and on several different PC's and internet connections.

      I would assume that you do not see this issue when attempting to the same at
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