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vBulletin 3.6.0 with RedHat 4? Need host suggestions.

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  • vBulletin 3.6.0 with RedHat 4? Need host suggestions.

    I am considering getting a new server in order to run 3.6.0 and was wondering if anybody can recommend any hosts that sell dedicated boxes that support 3.6.0 from the getgo. Basically, I don't want to have to upgrade versions.

    I am considering getting a server at, but I have a few concerns. They claim that the versions of PHP and MySQL that are installed with RedHat 4 are compatible with vB 3.6.0, but they also said that the RedHat versions of PHP and MySQL are "backcoded" by RedHat, and do not actually show up as the versions high enough to use vB on, yet should still be compatible.

    Their technicians are assuring me that vB 3.6.0 will work on a default RedHat 4 installation, but obviously I don't want to pay for a server only to find out that vB does not work on it.

    If anyone can offer any advice, or if anybody can confirm that the RH4 installations by support 3.6.0 I would appreciate it.

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    Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Thanks.


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      RHEL 4 should have mysql 4.1.16 I believe (with backports of course).... and PHP 4.3.9 with a bunch of backports...

      I would recommend getting the mysql 4.1.20 RPMs from mysql, it doesn't take rocket science to install. As for PHP I always compile it mysel with the options I need and I'm running the latest v5....

      ThePlanet & EV1Servers have merged somewhat, you might want to check out and see how their plans compare to theplanet (they should be pretty darn similar). If you get a dedicated server then it is up to you to configure & manage it. Getting a control panel can help with setup, but it is kind of a waste for a single site and you can run into issues when trying to upgrade things that the control panel might be dependent on.


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        We have a G3 ProLiant server with RHESL-4. It has MySQL 4.1.20 and PHP 4.3.9. Both are slightly different from the stock source installations as RH modify things for their own OS. If you want to upgrade them you have to remove the RH installation then reinstall from source. The only problem you could get is when the server installs upgrades from RH via up2date.

        These versions of MySQL and PHP will run vB with no problems.