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Some issues during upgrade to 3.6 (images, port)

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  • Jake Bunce
    1) What exactly is happening when you click on an image attachment? Are your attachments stored in the file system? If so, did you move or otherwise change that directory during the upgrade?

    2) Only when you login to the Admin CP? You aren't on port 81 to begin with? I don't have any specific guesses as to the cause, though it could be a style, plugin, or file hack problem. Try reproducing the problem on a default style with no plugins or file hacks.

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  • Lextreme
    started a topic Some issues during upgrade to 3.6 (images, port)

    Some issues during upgrade to 3.6 (images, port)

    Hello, I upgraded to vbulletin 3.6 over at and have come into a couple of issues.

    1) All the attached images are not loading. I tried rebuilding the attachment information in the admincp but it did not help.
    2) When I try to enter the admincp it attempts to use port 81 which causes nothing to happen, I have to copy and paste the url without the port in order for it to work. Does anyone know why this could be and how I can remove that?


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