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Question regarding forum path in config.php

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  • Question regarding forum path in config.php

    I just completed installing 3.6 and in the config.php I used the following for my forum path:

    $config['Misc']['forumpath'] = '/public_html/forums';
    But my actual full path is


    My install completed successfully and I am not experiencing any issues as of yet. I'm just curious if it makes any difference.

    Also, if it is recommended to change it would it simply be a matter of updating my live config.php without needing to re-install?

    ps - I do notice on my 2 other 3.5.4 sites that I am unable to successfully upload custom avatars or profile pictures. I get the error message:

    Upload of file failed.
    Could this be related? Thanks.

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    You should use the fullpath or leave it blank.


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      So, "/home/myusername/public_html/forums".

      Am I ok, to go and edit the config.php on my already installed VBulletin to update this or do I need to reinstall from scratch? Thanks.


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        Just edit the config and you are good to go.


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          Done. Thanks again.

          Didn't appear to have any bearing on the "cannot upload" problem but I see that seems to be unrelated issue. Sigh.


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            In the AdminCP > Maintainence > Diangnostics > Upload File

            Copy and paste the error you get.


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              I get the below:

              file_uploads: On
              open_basedir: /home/myusername:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php:/tmp
              safe_mode: Off
              upload_tmp_dir: /tmp
              upload_max_filesize: 16.00 MB

              No errors occurred while opening the uploaded file for reading.
              I'm hosting 3 VB sites at ASO (3.5.4 x 2 and 3.6.0 x 1), all with the same issue.


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                Very odd. What sort of attachment are you normally trying to upload and are you sure the attachment is within the correct settings you specified for each attacment type>


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                  I am simply attempting to upload avatar and profile pics, as administrator, (.gif and .jpg) and get this result. Sadly, I get the same for all 3 of my Vbulletin sites.
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                    Just to add though, all 3 of my boards while displaying "Upload of file failed." actually do show the avatar aftewards. Any idea how I might resolve this?

                    **Another update. I get the exact same result when I attempt to upload an avatar here at itself. Is anyone else experiencing this? This is when attempting to upload a 60 x 45 gif file (3kb).

                    * Also notice that inline images cannot be posted in 3.6.0. (see below):

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                      How are you trying to upload this file? From your computer or from a remote site?


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                        This is from my local PC to my Site (also to
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