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[URGENT] Posts all messed up...

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  • [URGENT] Posts all messed up...

    If you browse around some of the posts are not supposed to be where they are. I need help on this please go to the site. Also on some threads like this
    Its supposed to have posts in it but there is nothing there... Please HELP!

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    Having same issue. Please address immediately. This is not an import bug. Many of my mods(not all) have ran into the problem of creating a new post and it leading them to blank white page(correct address - refresh does nothing). Page pretty much is there, but has nothing to display.


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      UPDATE to everyone who is having this problem. I have looked around for a way to fix this and hopefully this information may help you. Okay sometimes a problem may occur where you get white pages with the real address to something(profile, post, new post creator) and this is obviously a big issue. So the fix..

      Go to your Vbulletin Options >> Plugins Options(may be named different) >> Select NO and save.

      This will disable all plugins that are active. It may screw other things up(due to actual file edits) but for now just look around your board and see if you are still having the white page problems. If not it means its a plugin issue, go back to your Vbullettin options >> plugin options >> select YES and then go to your plugin manager. Disable each plugin one at a time(saving as you do) and check your board to see if the white page problems persist. Do this repeatedly until you find out which plugin(plugins?) are causing this issue. Once the issue resolves itself, you know which plugin is causing the issue and can inspect the plugin or disable/uninstall it completely. This should fix your issues. If you disabled plugins and you still get white pages and non-existant pages.. it may have to do with importing problems. Reinstall vbulletin completely and do imports 2-5x as slow(ex: instead of 2000 posts per cycle, try 400).. etc. When I had the problem with white pages, the mod causing the problems was called ADVANCED BB CODE PERMISSIONS. I am unaware if it was my fault or the mod had problems itself, but i disabled it and all my problems were fixed.

      Hope this helps .. and yes I know i poorly formatted all of that but im in a rush and just wanted to throw down some help for everyone.


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        I'm not sure on this, but all my members can't view their PMS


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          The inbox doesn't contain any messages so its working as intended, jump to another folder to see where they are.
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            It both says 0

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              PLease someone help me!


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                Not sure I can help you, but i'll put in my 2 cence. Have you Updated Counters under Maintenance in the Admin Control Panel?


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                  I've updated all the counters. I think this maybe the problem. Also what counter shall I update. Sorry for multiple threads

                  Database error in vBulletin 3.6.0:

                  Invalid SQL:
                  SELECT count(*) as users from user
                  WHERE spmugroup > 0;

                  MySQL Error : Unknown column 'spmugroup' in 'where clause'
                  Error Number : 1054
                  Date : Wednesday, August 16th 2006 @ 07:14:29 PM
                  Script :
                  Referrer :
                  IP Address :
                  Username : eugeneo
                  Classname : vb_database


                  widgetinstance 262 (Related Topics) skipped due to lack of content & hide_module_if_empty option.