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How not to show 'Forum Is Closed For Posting'

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  • How not to show 'Forum Is Closed For Posting'

    Hi there.

    This may be stupid question for some but for me I must be overlooking something.

    I've set up the forums and set Usergroup permissions and so forth.

    If I set the 'Unregistered / Not Logged In' permission so that visitors cannot post it shows the 'Forum is Closed for Posting' on the main page in all categories and Users have to register or login to be able to post.

    But I don't want that, I would like to set the settings so it shows either the 'Forum Contains No New Posts' or 'Forum Contains New Posts' but the Users still have to register or login to post.

    Here on the vB forum I do not see the locked forum image but I still have to login/register to post. What have I done wrong in the permission settings.

    Do I set the forums in each category to 'Open' in the Forum Manager and the permission to 'No Post' in the Forum Permissions. Are there more places to set permissions?

    Would it pay me to reset all permissions and so on and then start from scratch ?

    As I said, sorry to ask such a stupid question as I have had no problems earlier, but my mind has just gone blank this evening. :-(

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    You can disable the lock images in your:

    Admin CP -> vBulletin Options -> Forum Listings Display Options -> Show Lock Icons to Users


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      Thanks Jake

      I knew it was simple. I had actually looked at that option and I'll be darn why I didn't try and set that to No myself before coming here.

      But thanks again. Much appreciated.