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Reported posts are not creating threads at all.

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  • Reported posts are not creating threads at all.


    Been scratching my head and trying to work this out for over a day and it's driving me mad, so I've decided to give in and ask for your help!

    Since upgrading to 3.6 the reporting of psots isn't working properly, it doesn't create threads. I've tried changing the forum to report to, adding a default username, taking away a default username. It just doesn't want to work.

    I used to use the hack by Paul M to create threads when reporting posts, but I removed that when installing the new version. However that doesn't work when re-installed.

    The emails are sent if I enable that option, but emails take a long time to send via vB on my server/forums, and we've grown used to reported posts in the moderator forum.

    report.php is completely standard, and I've tried switching off all plugins/hooks and reporting posts and it still doesn't work/create a new thread in the moderator forums.

    I'd really appreciate some help in solving what could be stopping this working, maybe a list of files/templates involved so I can make sure they're all present and correct.

    I've reverted/updated all templates etc (although I can't see this being a template problem), and as I say I tried with all hooks & plugins disabled and still no joy.

    Thanks in advance!

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    It works fine on these forums.

    First I recommend reuploading all the default vBulletin non-image files in ASCII mode, overwriting your current files. Also, turn off plugins globally in your vBulletin Options. Does this problem still occur then?
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      Already tried switching off all plugins and so on and that made no difference, but I'll try re-uploading the files over the current install and doing that again.

      I'll let you know......
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        Uploaded all the files, switched off vbseo, switched off the hook/plugin system.

        Still doesn't work.

        It will send emails (slowly, but that's nothing new), but it doesn't post any messages in any chosen forum for reported posts.

        Could you maybe provide a run down of what's involved so I can double check everything? The report.php file is 100% original and I haven't changed any of the report post templates either.


        edit: Might also be helpful to know I'm not getting any database error emails either concerning reported posts.
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          For a temporary fix I've uploaded the old 3.5.4 report.php and re-installed the plugin to report posts as threads, that is working fine now.

          But obviously I'd like to be able to use the proper 3.6 default features and not fall back on 3.5.4 files and hacks!
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            Nothing? Nobody?

            I'd appreciate just even if someone could tell me which files are involved, I guess the issue lies in report.php but I have no idea why. I only guess this as replacing it with 3.5.4 files and hack solved the issue (in a backwards sort of way).


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              I am having the same exact problem. I have no plugins installed, all templates reverted, and all files uploaded. The rest of vB 3.6 features work properly, including the similar 'start a new thread for infraction' feature.

              Even more, the reported post increments the threadid by one and you can see the reported post thread in the "Last Post" column from the forum index, however if you follow the link to the thread it doesn't exist, nor does the thread exist in the actual forum. The row does not exist in the database, either.



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                Infraction reports are also working for me as standard/they should be.
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                  Just a quick Sunday bump. My moderators are coming after me with pitchforks and torches, heh.



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                    This function is working fine here and on my unhacked vB 3.6.0 forums (both test and live).

                    If you really are using the default vB files and templates with no plugins and still have this problem, then please report this in the 3.6 Bug Tracker here:

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                      I started a bug thread, but I did some more research:

                      I installed a fresh copy of vB and it worked fine.

                      I turned off the plugin system, uninstalled all products, reuploaded all files, used the default style, and still have the problem.

                      I have no clue as to what would cause the difference between my upgraded version which won't work and my fresh-installed version which will.

                      Like I said, it appears to try to create the thread- it goes so far as assigning a thread ID and the data is saved as that forum's last post.

                      Edit: To be more specific, the report is written to table FORUM lastthread and lastthreadid properly, but no such matching record exists in table THREAD or table POST.
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                        Did ever install that hack that sent reported posts to threads for 3.5.x?
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                          Yes I did, but I uninstalled it before upgrading and have reverted all templates. (And have the same problem even with a default template).



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                            The uninstall may not have undone any database changes that the hack made.
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                              Originally posted by conqsoft View Post
                              The uninstall may not have undone any database changes that the hack made.

                              That hack didn't have any database changes.



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