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MySQL upgrade from 3.23.58 to 4.0.16 with Plesk

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  • MySQL upgrade from 3.23.58 to 4.0.16 with Plesk

    Hi, I am having trouble upgrading to 3.6 because my server is running MySQL 3.23.58 and I haven't been able to figure out how to upgrade. I think there could be quite a few people who may have similar setup with my server (It's just a run-of-the-mill server from a popular web hosting provider with less than a year in service), so I'm starting this thread.

    Here's a summary of my setup which I think are relevant.. I'm not a total newbie, but close to one. :

    Dedicated Pentium4 server running Fedora Core 3
    MySQL 3.23.58
    PHP 4.3.11
    Plesk 7.5.4

    I have installed ImageMagick 6 and GD2 on the server and other than that, I don't think I've tinkered with the server.

    I've been trying to upgrade during the past few hours, and here are questions I now have:

    My main objective is to get vBulletin 3.6 up and running as soon as possible with as little hassle as possible. So far, I have backed up the database and uploaded all the files. When I go to /includes/upgrade.php, it gives me a message saying I should upgrad MySQL.

    1) I looked at Spry article on upgrading MySQL with Plesk

    2) I'm trying to follow their guide, but I haven't figured out which version of MySQL to download from

    3) Am I supposed to download "Statically Linked" version for Linux or "Dynamically Linked" version?

    4) Also, I have checked out Plesk FAQ page and they don't seem to have much information on upgrading MySQL

    5) Some of the threads have pointed me to Atomic Rocket Turtle website complementing how stable their RPMs are. So far, I haven't even been able to figure out how to locate MySQL RPM on this website, let alone how to install anything from the website.

    6) Now it seems to me Fedora Core 3 is quite outdated. Should I consider upgrading to Core 4 or 5? I don't want to bother upgrading unless this is necessary to get MySQL upgraded. I don't know if this will crash Plesk, which I absolutely wouldn't want to do..

    7) From Wikipedia, I find out that Fedora core is more tuned for easy upgrading, using a program called YUM. Does this mean I should use this?

    At this point, I'm quite confused on which steps to take. Could anyone give me some pointers where to go from here? I'm now trying to figure out which version of MySQL 4 I should be downloading from

    Thank you in advance.

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    Did you find a resolve to your situation?

    I'm dealing with a very similar issue. My host said I had to update Plesk before it would accept MySql 4.0 or above. I'm trying to do research now as I've never updated MySql or PHP, but it sounds doable after my host updates Plesk.


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      wow...glad I read this post. I also have old Plesk version with 3.23. A long time ago I tried to update the mysql to version 4 but without much luck. It's kind of risky since your mysql is the nuts and bolts of your server.

      I will see if I can figure out the update.


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        Crazy MySQL 4.0 Requirement

        Yeah, same issue here. I don't really want to take the time to upgrade to MySQL 4.x... guess I HAVE TO now though, thanks to crazy requirements of vBulletin 3.6... I can't believe they didn't have an option to turn off whatever special features of MySQL 4.0 they were using so that those of us who have better things to do than upgrade MySQL had an option to do a quick 3.6 upgrade. *sigh*


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          Has someone found a solution to this problem? I just purchased a VPN server yesterday wih exact specification as above. Transferred everything over and now I tried accessing posts I get SQL errors! Had a horrible feeling 3.6 required mysql4 as soon as I saw it!!!


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