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"Find Updated Templates" confusion

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  • "Find Updated Templates" confusion


    I'm upgrading from 3.5.4 to 3.6, It seems everytime I upgrade I forget everything I learned from the previous upgrade about template reverting

    Before I upload the 3.6 files and let the upgrade script do it's thing, I understand that I need to check my templates to see if they require being reverted. Is the easy way to do this by clicking on the "Find Updated Templates" button in my admin CP? After I did this I received the message "All templates are up to date" am I correct in assuming I'm good to go and no templates need to be reverted?

    Out of curiosity, does clicking on that button connect back to and compare with a list or something? just wondering how it works.

    Thanks..looking forward to another effortless upgrade..the coders have really made this a pleasure to do rather than a chore.

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    The process of "Reverting" Templates usually occurs AFTER the upgrade. After you run through the upgrade process and finish and are brought back to the AdminCP, you will see a notice near the top of the AdminCP which reads:

    Out-of-Date Custom Templates Found!

    Below that will be a box with notation reading something similiar to this:

    There are currently 13 customized template(s) that need to be updated or reverted. Some sections of vBulletin may not function if you do not do this!

    Click here to view these templates!

    When you "Click here" you will be taken to a listing of your styles with each of the templates in each style which the software believes needs "reverting".
    To the right of these listings there will be three buttons for each template. These are:

    [Edit Template]
    [View History]

    BEFORE hitting [Revert] take a look at the [View History] button. After clicking the [View History] button you click Compare Versions and you will see the two versions, old and new, side by side. This has a VERY USEFUL color coding, identifying "Text Removed from old version;" "Text changed between versions;" and "Text added to new version". This will assist you is trying to figure out where your current changes are placed within the code of the "new" version and may assist you in making the updates.

    Essentially what you do next, after noting where your current changes were installed, is [Revert] the templates and then go about "re-installing" the edits in the appropriate places.

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      Thanks alot slappy for the very helpful info. Much appreciated!


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