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  • Forums not showing in search AND archives

    This isn't specific to 3.6 as it did not show up properly in 3.5 as well. Admins and normal users are BOTH having this issue. They can NOT see specific forums listed under the search feature NOR the archive section. It has to be permission issue, but I've checked everything ten times. What's even more strange is that, they are sporadic. 2-3 don't show up under this section, 1 under another, ALL of them under another. Like I said, I've checked and rechecked permissions, all of them are inheriting from their parent. Two forums with identical perms under the same section, and one will show up, while the other does not.

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    That is odd.

    Try to reproduce this problem on the default style with no plugins or file hacks. You might also try rebuilding your forum information:

    Admin CP -> Maintenance -> Update Counters -> Rebuild Forum Information


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      I'm already running default style, with no hacks and no plugins. Templates are completely default, not even the color has changed. I had done the Rebuild Forum Information and did it once again, no change.

      NOW, here's the strange part. I went back into one of the "hidden" forums, changed the name, and it showed up! So I changed the name back and it was still there. SO, I went back into each forum, and did an edit forum, and just immediatlely hit SAVE, and all of those missing forums now show up. It's as if the Forum name information was missing from wherever the archive, and search features derive their lists from. Anyhow problem Solved. Thanks.