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Phrase Problem?

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  • Wayne Luke
    Does this occur on a default style with no plugins? Create a new style with no parent and see if the error still occurs. Turn off the plugin system temporarily as well. If the error still occurs then report it as a bug.

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  • fiNal
    started a topic Phrase Problem?

    Phrase Problem?


    I upgraded my board yesterday. today, i noticed that some dates of posts are missing, they're correct in the database however. after some cross-checking, i figured out that it happens only to posts where the datestamp be "1 Day Ago" or something like that.

    i checked the phrase manager, however, i couldn't find such a phrase at all.

    check out There are (currently) two threads, in which the last post should be "1 Day Ago". They're called "Venedig" and "Poll: FCZ oder FCB" and currently 5th and 6th position in this forum.

    i reverted all templatets, upgraded the counters and even installed a new language (allthough, i never changed anything in the phrase or language manager). nothing helped...

    any idea?

    edit: the datestamps are missing in the threads aswell. if I switch the
    Datestamp Display Option in admincp to "Normal", all times and dates are displayed correctly. But i'd prefer the "Detail" Option

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