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  • Sub Forum Link Question

    First, we are going to update to 3.7.4 soon, but I've done that update in a test environment and this problem still occurs. I suspect it's a setting I need to redo, but not sure where.

    We used to have a forum at

    We have moved that to ""

    Everything else works, except for the sub forum links on the forum index page. They are resolving to:

    When they should be

    This happens with everything turned off and only regular everyday vbulletin files in place. I've deleted all my cookies and pages, so it's not caching this anywhere. It happens for everyone. It's almost like the sessionurl is being incorrectly created, but only for this piece.

    Is there a special setting for url links that I may have missed aside from the Forum URL in "Site Name / URL / Contact Details Site Name / URL / Contact Details"?


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