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    I have a member that has been on the "today's user birthdays" list for 3 days lol. Is there a reason why that wouldn't update?

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    Three possible reasons:

    1. Your server time is wrong so this has got stuck. Check your server date and time and ensure that this is correct.

    2. The user is changing their birthday in the UserCP deliberately to keep their birthday in the Todays Birthdays section.

    3. You have a modification that is causing this behaviour.
    To troubleshoot this, please reupload all the original vB non-image files (except install.php). Make sure you upload these in ASCII format and overwrite the ones on the server. Also be sure to upload the admincp files to whichever directory you have set in your config.php file. Then run 'Suspect File Versions' in Diagnostics to make sure you have all the original files for your version:

    Admin CP -> Maintenance -> Diagnostics -> Suspect File Versions

    [Note: In some cases you may also need to remove any of the listed .xml files in the includes/xml directory.]

    Next, disable all plugins.

    Note: To temporarily disable the plugin system, edit config.php and add this line right under <?php

    define('DISABLE_HOOKS', true);

    Then if you still have this problem, create a new style and choose no parent style. This will force it to use the default templates. Finally empty your browser cache, close all browser windows then try again. Make sure you change to the new style and view your forums with it. Now check again.

    Do you still have the same problem?
    Kerry-Anne :)

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