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  • Upgrade Question for the experts

    I'm running VB 3.5.2 on a web site in a sub-folder...

    I have a domain that I want to set up on another server and then move the forum to the new server...

    In regards to the domain name change and also the best way to handle that type of forum change...

    Is this an upgrade or do I have to purchase a new VB under the new domain..

    Also, what is the highest VB I can go while keeping the database I currently have?

    I want all of the data saved and moved to the new server..

    Thanks in advance


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    Thank you for contacting vBulletin Support.

    Your have a license, which grants you permission to run one instance of vBulletin.
    If you want to keep running one site on one domain and hosting account, and start another forum on a new domain and new hosting account you need to buy a second license as you will then be running two instances. However, if you have a domain and account and are moving over to a new domain and a new account but don't keep the old instance running (meaning, moving to something else) and still have one instance, then you don't need a second license. I hope this makes sense.

    To move, you can close your forum, run optimize and repair on the database. Then go to the vBulletin Admin Control Panel > vBulletin Options > vBulletin Options > Site URL Settings and set the new domain there. Then go to the and edit your license to point it to the new domain.

    Then dump the .sql file to have a full working backup, and make a backup of your files. Then create a new database on the new account, import the .sql dump into it. Then upload your vBulletin files and edit the config.php file to point to the new database. And then login to your admincp and open your forum again.


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      Thanks, one more question

      I will be closing the old forum, so then I'm ok there.

      A few questions...

      1. Can I update to the newest version?
      2. Can I just install the newest version on the new server then import
      the old database...
      3. What potential problems will I have.

      Also, I do not know how to do any of the above so I will have to find someone to do it for me... In theory it all sounds pretty easy since I'm a webmaster for many web sites, but I never really understood the mechanics of databases, I probably have altered tables and would not know what to do so I think someone with experience should probably verify the databases have all of the same tables. Is that correct?




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        1- Yes, you can move your forum and restore it, then once it works just do a normal upgrade.

        2- No, you can't do this. It is a less secure way to use impex to import afterwards (with less secure i mean your threadid and userid wont match for example)

        3- eeeh... as long as you have a backup to revert to, that is 100% complete and working, there shouldn't be a problem. To a 'test' move first perhaps?


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          Thanks again

          So then that will be the plan.

          1. Follow your back up procedure....

          2. Upload the old forum to the new server...

          3. Test that it is working correctly

          4. Back it up on the new server

          5. Then perform the upgrade to the newest version

          6. Test

          7. Test again!

          8. Close the old forum...




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              Hi there, i have actually did a test migration to a new server. From 3.5.4 to 3.6.4 I have completed the installation with no problems utilizing the old database and old forum.

              After which i tried to do maintenance on the new forum. I have completed the following without problems
              Update User Titles and Ranks
              Rebuild Thread Information
              Rebuild Forum Information
              Fix broken user profiles
              Rebuild Search Index

              In the midst of rebuilding the search index VB broke, generating thousands of error mails with the following message

              Database error in vBulletin 3.6.4:

              Invalid SQL:
              LOCK TABLES vb3_mailqueue WRITE;

              MySQL Error : Access denied for user '*'@'localhost' to database 'kt_dump'
              Error Number : 1044
              Date : Wednesday, February 13th 2008 @ 02:39:53 PM
              Script : */upload/admincp/index.php?do=head
              Referrer : *
              IP Address : *
              Username : StarScream
              Classname : vB_Database

              I tried to disable the plugins after some searching on the forums with a line in config.php, and it became worse. The admincp was just blank with the same error message. I tried access the general settings but i could not. I commented the line i added in config.php and its still the same error. i still cannot access to the general settings area.

              Please advice.


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                The most likely cause of this error is that the info in your config.php file is wrong or your db user does not have full permissions to this database. Please read this for all the known causes of this error:


                Note: Please start your own thread if you need further help.
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