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  • Time Limit on Editing of Posts

    I know that we can set a time limit for editing posts as well as thread titles. Here is my delima. Is there a way to globally set this to 30 minutes except for certain forums?

    Reason is that I would like to be able to have specific forums updated on a need-to basis (trips, events, etc...) while all others will have the 30 minute time limit.

    Thanks for your time
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    zendiver you would need to request this as an option in 'vBulletin Suggestions and Feedback', as you will not find an option within adding/editing a forum. This is as you know a global feature and can not be at this time to be per forum or even per user/usergroup. You can always check over at if this has been created as a modification or request one to be made for you.


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      Check out the Per Forum Edit Time Limit mod at
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