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  • Hacks + upgrading


    I have some hacks installed on my forum. I want to upgrade , but im afraid the hacks will mess up the upgrade.

    I am currently running: vBulletin version 3.5.4

    I uninstalled a bunch of hacks, but i still have some left which are the following:

    AboutToday AboutToday 2.0.3 List and Manage AboutToday Events and RSS Feeds

    Add PhotoPost Pro to each forum 1.0 Add PhotoPost Pro to each forum

    Archive Adsense 1.0 Adds Adsense banners to the top and bottom of your archive pages.

    Automatic Welcome PM 1.0.4 This Hack will automatically send welcome PMs to new members.
    Friends and/or Buddies in Profile 1.0 Shows Friends and/or Buddies in the Profile.

    ibProArcade for vBulletin 2.5.6 ibProArcade - professional Arcade System for vBulletin

    Links and Downloads Manager 2.2.1 Manages a document and link library
    Member Bots 1.0 Places search engine bots into Registered Users group (must reinstall if you upgrade vbulletin)

    Members who have visited the forum 4.21 Display members who have visited the forum.

    Menu Control 1.1 Control your menu via the adminCP

    phpadsnew 1.0.3 phpadsnew

    Prevent Spam 1.0 Prevent spam on your boards by moderating posts containing certain words.

    Separate Sticky and Normal Threads 1.0.3 Separate Sticky and Normal Threads

    Toplist 2.0.0 This Hack Adds A Toplist To Your Forum.

    vBadvanced CMPS 2.1.0 vBadvanced Content Management & Portal System

    vbBux / vbPlaza 1.5.7 vbBux / vbPlaza is a points/store system for vBulletin.

    vbBux / vbPlaza - ibProArcade Addon 1.0.0 ibProArcade Addon is a system that will integrate your ibProArcade with vbBux / vbPlaza.

    Welcome Headers 4.1.0 Boost registration and activity rates with more visible guest welcome and member status messages.

    My question is this, i am having some mysql problems and my support has advised me that it might be due to 2 reasons:

    1)First of all you need to check the database of that particular account with a db expert/programmer. Tell him that the db is causing a lot of load issues on the server. In most of such cases corrupted database causes this kind of problems.

    2)If it is not a database related issue you can go for a powerful server which can handle more processing power and load.

    for number 1, i believe it might be because of the hacks i have installed?

    in your expert opinion, could you give me some advise of which hack that i listed above could possibly be the cause of this problem?

    In any case, i do want to upgrade, so having the hacks I currently have installed i would run into problems correct?

    Thank you for your time and help

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    You will need to ask about this over at We do not provide support for third-party add-ons here. Sorry.

    However you will almost certainly have to upgrade every one of those add-ons to work with 3.6.8.
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      When you upgrade you will be notified which templates needs to be reverted. You will then need to re do those templates for the respective mods that use those templates. You probably won't need to totally reinstall a mod.

      Re do any file changes as well.

      I recommend you set up a test forum to make sure they still work with the new version and that nothing is broken. Then upgrade the live forum.

      I usually copy and paste modified templates from my upgraded dev site to the upgraded live site to speed things up.



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        Thanks for the reply..

        I uninstalled most of the hacks, and removed edited codes.

        the rest with no code edits i disabled.

        my question is this:

        Should I disable hooks before upgrading?



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          Welcome Headers should be upgraded (to get the latest functionality) but it will work from 3.5 to 3.6 without changes. That said, it's always best to disable things, upgrade and re-enable them one at a time to test the impact.
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            im upgrading, a step was taking 10min to load but now it loaded so nm
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              Hi, i just upgraded, everything went good no errors.

              I just got one problem, i have an extra bar on my forum, see here:

              on the top, what template and what code do i remove to remove this?



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                scratch that question, i got a bigger problem

                every since the upgrade, mysql wont stay up, it crashes every time, and vbulletin site is very slow, i bring mysql back up and it crashes again

                im asking here because before upgrading this was not happening

                any suggestions? is there anything i can run to see if there are any errors on the new install? I did not receive any error prompts or anything like that, the upgrade ran smoothly.

                I upgraded from v.3.5.4 to vbulletin_3-6-7_PL1

                thank you


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                  Did you run Repair / Optimize Tables and see it that has any effect on your MySQL problems?



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                    Slappy, no i didnt,

                    i am running this now, thanks , hopefully this will resolve issues
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                      Hi, i got the following after running the Tables Repair:

                      How can i fix the remaining problems it is telling me it was not OK?
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                        Usually, you have to keep running "Repeat Process" until it tells you all tables have:

                        Check Status: OK

                        Optimize Status: Table is already up to date



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                          hi, thank you for your help. i also have uninstalled vbplaza which seemed to be one of the big problems, and i rebuilt tables and ran the repeat process like you said.

                          it looks like the problem has normalized now, (had to reboot server) , but its very very slow, so i think there are still problems.

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                              You have 92,000+ .gif in your photogallery and that might have something to do with it. Just a possibility. Might have something to do with how attachments are stored. They can be stored in the database or in the file system.

                              You have a heck of alot and this possibly could be a database issue. I'm not that familiar with this issue, because we don't use such things on our Forum, but you can search here for:

                              attachment storage

                              and find a number of informative Threads on the issue.



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