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[Help Needed] Hosting Change [GoDaddy]

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  • [Help Needed] Hosting Change [GoDaddy]

    Hello and thanks in advance, I want to change hosting since i'm on godaddy and they're constantly suspending my account for high cpu usage and keep on telling to update to a dedicated plan, i have understood that this is just a tactic that they're using in my case.

    My board doesn't have any mod installed other then the photogallery and doesn't have more then 60 users online at once, my database is about 23mbs big so i'm sick of this situation.

    I'll get to the point; I want to change servers as soon as they cut me off again, i've already uploaded the forum on the new hosting ftp so I want to know what must be modified in the config or where ever else on VB so that i can quickly change hosting without being offline for too much or encounter problems, please help me because it is highly appreciated, the funny thing is that godaddy says that VB uses malcious scripts which I really don't seem to understand and I doubt that it's true.

    Best Regards

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    check out

    tell them that Wolf Den Productions sent you....*grins*


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      by all means, if i'm wrong here, ANYBODY please chime in and correct me!

      the answer you seek is simple:
      - make daily SQL backups to keep post loss minimal
      - go to your new host now and create a database [maybe keep same name?]
      - take note of the database name, the username and password
      - edit your config file on your computer now to match the new host's database name, username and password for the new database [host] and upload it to the ACP folder
      - once the godaddy server gets cutoff, simply go to your new host and upload the db backup [you may have to do it in chunks] and yer done.

      now i know that some will say that you can do this all from within vB itself, but that has NEVER worked for me. however, it may work for you. if you'd like to try this method, here's how:
      - go to new host, create new database, user, pass etc.
      - install vB on new host [fresh install]
      - keep daily backups of vB on godaddy host through vB ACP.
      - when godaddy goes down, upload latest backup through your new host's ACP [database restore function]. it should create a mirror of the old one while maintaining your current config settings [db connection info]


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        ok, so i'll use mysqldumper to do the backups and as i have understood the only thing that i must modify is the config file with the new information of the new hosting, if mysqldumper don't work how would i go about updating the database in chunks, and doesn't the config file go into includes?

        but i'm really upset about this because when i paid a monthly basis they never said anything as soon as paid for a full years subscription that started giving me this dedicated plan business, I don't think this cpu bit is for real like i posted above(stats) it seems very odd anyway did this happen just to me or is it a common thing with goddady?



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          in the ACP under maint...there's a way to make each chunk its own SQL backup. do that. you can take all the little stuff and clump em together, then keep posts etc [the bigger stuff] separate, or just do each one alone and name it whateveritis.sql and upload each one via ACP at the new joint. and yes, the only thing you should have to change is the config file inside the includes folder.


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