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    There is a thread in the feature suggestion forum for version 3.6 that talks about an issue larger boards have of bounced emails. In that thread they talk about a solution to use a mod called vbounce available at They also suggest upgrading to the vbulletin 3.6.

    I've read all that information and I'd love to install that mod however, it seems there's something wrong with my account over there. (I'm pretty sure that our domain is on some spam list and domains won't send recieve email to us anymore, thus I can't request a password reminder). Moreover, I'm reluctant to upgrade to 3.6 at this time.

    So, I'd like to propose an alternate solution and ask if anyone sees some good reason why I shouldn't do it.

    While the board needs to send email's relating to the registration and such, many of the bounced emails are the result of people subscribing to threads while having an out of date email address. In my view the feature that allows instant email updates to a thread is kinda cool, but not essential. Certainly not if it's harming our domain reputation.

    I've looked at the tables vbulletin is using and I see a couple of tables relating to who has subscribed to which thread. So here's my question:

    If I delete all records in these tables will it solve my problem and not raise any unforseen issue (like the board stops working)

    The two tables I'd like to empty are :

    If anyone has any input on this issue I'd love to hear about it.

    Thanks for your time

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    That will remove all current forum and thread subscriptions which will prevent the emails from being sent out. That should work fine and I don't believe it will cause any other problems... those tables stand alone as far as I know.

    Note that this will not prevent users from making new subscriptions. There is no kill switch for the subscription system, but you can always manually remove all subscription links from the templates.