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  • Need help badly!

    Somebody has hacked my board yesterday. He entered some <html><iframe> tags which prevented forum showing correctly. I couldn't remove those tags using admincp, so I had to remove them manually from the database. Now, everything was fine when I removed those tags from forum table. I thought it would solve the problem, but there were still problems with the forum, so I started looking some other tables for those tags. Now, I have founded those tags in the table datastore (field forumcache) and I manually removed them. But unfortunately I messed up something so now I cannot see forum at all. Here is the content of forumcache field in the datastore table:
    code removed
    What should I do to fix the problem. Thank you!
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    !!!!!!!!!problem Solved!!!!!!

    I have rebuilt forum info from the admincp and afterwards everything started working!!!


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      If this was in the thread title: It must have been caused by a modification you have installed.

      If this was in the post text, then you have either allowed HTML in posts (strongly adviced against, please turn off), or it is caused by a modification.

      Please remove all modifications that could cause this or contact the author for an update.
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