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Changing hosts, database restoration and MySQL versions..

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  • Changing hosts, database restoration and MySQL versions..

    From another thread:
    Originally posted by Zachery View Post
    Alright, let me know if the old host has cpanel, as we can do everything from your new hosts ssh connection, it may even be possible without cpanel.

    Basicly I am hoping we can enable a remote connection to mysql from your new host

    Then you can use mysqldump to get the data from the old host, directly into the new host.
    I'm in a situation where I will be moving from one hosting service to another. My old (current) host has CPanel and a newer version MySQL but does not allow SSH. My new host allows SSH but I think has an older version of MySQL (doesn't like "DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1"). I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to backup my current database remotely from my new host as would seem to be possible from Zachary's comment. It would make life a lot easier than the manual process of /backing up/downloading/unzipping/editing/uploading/restoring a 50MB database.

    On a separate note, I'm confused as to which versions of MySQL are really present on both servers. Apparently, there's both a server and client version of MySQL. On the old server, CPanel reports the MySQL version to be: "4.1.21-standard" and phpmyadmin reports the server version as the same with the client version being "4.1.10". On the new server, CPanel also reports the MySQL version to be "4.1.21-standard" but phpmyadmin reports the server version to be "4.0.27-standard-log" and the client version to be "4.1.10". It's a little confusing.....

    Ultimately, I plan on upgrading from VB 3.5.4 to VB 3.6 but it seems like a better idea to successfully make the move then upgrade after. I've already managed to go through a trial run the hard way by breaking up the database and using phpmyadmin's import. It works but I'm not looking forward to doing it again. It took every bit of 6 hours just to import the database.

    Any help, guidance or comments would be appreciated.
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