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    Currently running version 3.5.2.

    I think that the easiest way for me to tell you about the strange behavior we're experiencing is to post some of the dialogue from our bulletin board.

    This first thread was started by me - very short...

    ACK! I just noticed that I CAN'T!!!

    The threads are gone...and that's part of the problem! Okay...from the beginning....

    I visited my message board, already logged in (administrator account), using my desktop computer, Windows XP, and I.E. 7. Everything seemed normal, and was normal, as far as I could tell - I had no indication that anything was wrong and was just there to do my regular posting.

    At some point, I decided to go upstairs to use my laptop, Windows 98, I.E. 6. I was logged in using the very same administrator account (same user). When I visited the boards, they looked very different. Roughly a full day's posts were missing. Not just new threads, but responses within old threads were missing. I, obviously, thought that something crazy had happened causing a bunch of threads to disappear, which was going to need some fixing. So, I returned to my desktop because it would be an easier tool to work with. But when I returned, I found everything like I had left it when I stood up from the desktop the last time. Miraculously, the threads had re-appeared. I thought it must have been some kind of temporary server time issue, or something, but at least the problem solved itself.

    So I returned to my laptop...

    ...where I found that all of the missing posts were still missing. Side by side, using the same (administrator) user account on both computers, I browsed the boards and compared the results. Everything seemed fine on the desktop, threads were missing on the laptop. The server was sending different information to each computer even though they were logged in using the same username - they even had the same public IP address.

    So, I conducted a test: using the XP computer, the desktop, the one that was showing everything the way it should be, I posted a response to an existing thread that simply said, "test". Then I hit "New Posts" using my laptop to see if it'd show up. It did! It was the only thread to show for over a day. So I then put up a thread called, "Technology disposes of Insanity" and gave a brief report of what was going on. I thought others may chime in with similar reports. More browsing around with my laptop led me to discover that the "Who's Online" search would only report ME and no one else present on the board, not even search engine spiders. There were at least two pages of visitors showing when I'd browse using my desktop. Remember - this is the very same user account - even using the same public IP address...both computers had the same time on them, too...but the server was sending them different information.

    Just now, as I started this post in this troublshooting forum, I expected to copy and paste what I said there to this thread, so I browsed back to find it. But it's not there!

    At this very moment, I have just brought my laptop down and have found that, although the thread doesn't exist on my XP computer - it IS there on my laptop! I'm going to quote the threads now, by saving the information to a file on my network, then opening it and copying the information here:
    [Thread: Technology disposes of sanity]
    12/09/2006 6:57pm
    Originally posted by Ixtlan
    I just tried to read the boards using my Windows98 laptop (and the old I.E.). I haven't even turned on that laptop in at least a week (maybe two or three), much less browsed here (so nothing in the cache). It's only showing me posts and responses up until last night. I can't think of anything which would cause that.
    12/09/2006 7:32pm
    Originally posted by Leeza
    Is it just all posts for today that you can't see?
    [/Thread: Technology disposes of sanity]
    I then went to bed (to my recollection) and later found another thread posted by Leeza:
    [Thread: Something very strange is going on]
    12/10/2006, 2:45pm
    Originally posted by Leeza
    I logged in and saw that every post that I made yesterday had dissappeared. In fact, it said that the last time that I logged in was 12/7. It was a ghost town, only me logged into the board, no guests or anything. Then I pm'd Ixtlan and also posted something in here.
    I go away for a few minutes and come back. Now the post that I made in here is gone and everything is back to normal.
    12-10-2006, 05:01 PM

    Originally posted by Ixtlan
    Hey...that's the same thing that hapened to me! (But only on my Windows98, IE 6.0 computer.) All of the threads showed on my other computer. But when I posted a new post here, it'd show up (even though the previous 12 hours weren't showing up!).
    I didn't get a PM from you.
    What post did you make that didn't show up? Is it showing up now? I'm using my Windows98 computer now, and everything seems back to normal.
    12-10-2006, 06:00 PM
    Originally posted by Leeza
    Put it this way, when I opened the site it said that the last time that I logged in was on 12/7. Every post that I had made from that point through today was missing. It was very strange. Also, I was the only one on. No guests. It was the Twilight Zone, a vast emptiness.
    I pm'd you (which you never received). I was able to get in here and I posted also which is gone now. What clued me in at first is that I was looking at the new posts and thought, "hey, wait a minute, I know I read that one". Also I had posted a Happy Birthday and that was gone. All posts that I had made from 12/7 forward were gone. My post count was 9040 something when I know that I was above Kenny's count and was about 9069 or higher.
    Everything now appears to be back to normal.
    12-10-2006, 06:43 PM

    Originally posted by Ixtlan
    That's the same as what occurred for me. But when I posted (from my laptop) a response i a thread (that said "test"), it post showed up.
    What browser version were you using? Old I.E. 6?
    Also, my "Technology disposes of sanity" post showed up as well. I'm guessing that you didn't post this thread in that pre-existing thread because it had disappeared for you too?
    12-10-2006, 07:13 PM
    Originally posted by Leeza
    I didn't change anything, I'm using I.E.7 and have been for a while. Same computer. I had posted a reply to your thread but not in here, out in the thread that you created last night.
    [/Thread: Something very strange is going on]
    So now, and this is what prompted me to post this thread, I suddenly get a Private Message:
    [Private Message: Something is screwed up]
    12-10-2006, 02:34 PM
    Originally posted by Leeza
    I found it wierd that it says the last time I logged in was 12/7. Considering that you said you could only see posts through yesterday (which you stated last night) I think something wierd is happening. I lost about 20 posts
    I responded:
    Today, 03:03 AM
    Originally posted by Ixtlan
    I just received this...just now! This is dated 12/10/2006 2:34pm...and I just got it on 12/12/2006 3:02 am!!!
    [/Private Message: Something is screwed up]
    So far, no one else has reported a problem. But right now from my desktop, the "Who's Online" function is reporting me as being the only one online. My laptop is reporting one other registered member and two pages of spiders and other guests.

    In addition, my post count from my desktop is reported to be 19,690 posts. My laptop is reporting my post count to be 19,781.

    From the desktop, the last 24 hours have resulted in posts to just two threads, the earliest being posted to yesterday at 10:02pm, the latest at 3:04 am, to the following thread:
    [Thread: What the heck is going on?]
    12-10-2006, 02:32 PM
    Originally posted by Leeza
    I've lost all posts that I made yesterday and I see no other posts for yesterday from anyone else.
    Today, 03:04 AM
    Originally posted by Ixtlan
    WTF? This post just showed up!
    [/Thread: What the heck is going on?]
    Current server time from an SSH shell:
    -jailshell-2.05b$ date
    Tue Dec 12 05:014:25 CST 2006

    ps: logging in out out of the laptop during the original events had no effect on fixing the problem.
    Last edited by Ixtlan; Tue 12 Dec '06, 2:20am. Reason: Additional information.

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    Okay, I don't know a whole lot about this stuff, but it's as if the two computers are accessing two completely different bulletin boards. I just changed my signature line on one computer (desktop, which is not showing threads and info like it should), but it didn't change my signature line when I browse using my laptop.

    Maybe they've moved the server, or something, at the webhost? It's just bizarre. Netstat reports communicating with different IP addresses when I visit the page using one computer as opposed to the other.


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      That sounds about right then.

      One cached DNS entry for the IP on teh laptop, and another on the PC.

      If they show different, then they're 2 different databases.


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