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  • Http 404 Issue

    Ok I am having an issue all of a sudden with my BBS. As of 10am yesterday whenever you would click a forum you would get the typical http 404 page. Now here is where it gets odd. If you click the new post Icon--you can read the post. I am at a total loss here. I have checked what I can and the tech people for the server are a pain in the butt to get ahold of. So I just wanna make sure there is nothing I am missing. Like I say this problem all of a sudden started..

    Thanks ---you guys are always a big help..

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    Clicking on a forum will redirect you to forumdisplay.php -
    clicking on a thread or post will redirect to showthread.php.

    it seems forumdisplay.php is giving the 404.


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      Possable a corrupt forumdisplay.php ?


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        You can go to the admin control panel > maintenance > diagnostics > suspect file versions > and run it. Maybe it reports the file missing, or invalid.


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          Awsome--thank you. Well now I got a major database error. And from past experiance with the server I am hoping its all on there end


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            It sounds like things are crashing.. Keep a backup nearby! Just in case.

            It depends on the database error, but .. run optimize and repair on the database tables a few times. Then upgrade to 3.6.4 to fix any known issues.


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              So to put an end to this it was all an issue with the server


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