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Cronjob in Scheduled Task Manager?

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  • Jake Bunce
    You will probably need to modify the code in that file to make it work as a task. This is a question.

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  • DJ5A
    started a topic Cronjob in Scheduled Task Manager?

    Cronjob in Scheduled Task Manager?

    Hello Everybody:

    Does anybody know if I could take the original maintenance.php file as it comes with phpAdsNew & place it here ./includes/cron/maintenance.php in my vB Scheduled Task Manager & set it up to run every hour with out any problems to vB or phpAdsNew banner server without any modifications to the original maintenance.php file?

    I know this might not be the proper place to ask this, I've asked over a a few days ago & no reply as of yet. It appears to be a simple yes or no question. Please excuse me if I've done something wrong. I'm getting a little desperate....

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