Forum Permissions problems? or help?

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  • michael1983
    New Member
    • Sep 2006
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    Forum Permissions problems? or help?

    Hello. I'm having some problems with forum permissions and need some help. What I want to do is have a certain special user grounp view a certain special forum.

    This is the problem, I go to forum permissions under the Forum & Moderators section. I click the edit button for on the user grounds under any forum.

    Picture above shows what happens after I click the edit button. It displays "Nothing".

    So then I go back to the previous page. I think click under Additional Functions "Quick forum Permission Setup"....

    I was ok with this until I noticed that there isn't any button at the bottom of the page?

    Is there something I'm doing all wrong? It is an error from when I installed it?

  • Lats
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    • Mar 2002
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    I had a similar problem here...

    If that fails, try reuploading all the .php files in the admincp directory ensuring ascii mode is selected.