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how do I update members online?

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  • how do I update members online?

    My site is showing members online that I know for fact are not. The board shows last activity being several hours old. How can I get it to update? IT appears to be saving everyone that has recently been on the site to give the appearance of a large number of people visiting.

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    Check this setting:
    AdminCP -> vBulletin Options -> Cookies and HTTP Header Options -> Session Timeout

    The default of that is 900, which is 15 minutes.
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      okay that fixed that..... so here's another question- my members are claiming that the new threads are expiring to fast before they can read them so they don't know what's new and what's old. How can I extend that time? I was thinking changing the cookies would do that but apparently not. Is it something on my end or the user's end? Does it make a difference if the user does or doesn't log out?