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    I am moving servers, but am getting the following error:

    Database error in vBulletin :

    mysql_connect(): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2)
    /hsphere/local/home/yorklon/ on line 279

    MySQL Error :
    Error Number :
    Date : Thursday, September 28th 2006 @ 06:32:49 PM
    Script :
    Referrer :
    IP Address :
    Username :
    Classname : vb_database

    I assume this is because my combination of DB name, User Name and password is incorrect in the config.php file?

    I have checked this and they should be correct.

    If it is something else then some guidance would be appreciated as I am a little stumped.

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    Please see this page for the causes of this error:
    Steve Machol, former vBulletin Customer Support Manager (and NOT retired!)
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