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What is a plug in and a hack ?

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  • What is a plug in and a hack ?

    Sorry for the seemingly dumb question.
    We currnetly are using a stock out of the box(if you will) 3.5 and are reading about the 3.6 or now 3.6.1 upgrade and benefits of doing so.

    While searching this site for information on the upgrade, I noticed a lot of talk & mention of the words "Plug in's" and "hacks". I searched those two words specficly and couldn't really find out what they meant in laymens terms. Again we didn't add or change anything to our VB 3.5, so i'm not clear on what this means.

    I think " hacks" means when you change something in the vb software that is not their originally?? Also isn't it someone who intentionally tries to hurt your site?

    Can anyone please tell me about these terms, what they mean and how to use them to help the site , or if needed at all?

    Sorry for sounding so niaeve, but I am REALLY green at this.
    It is a lot of fun learning about this & building our site , but can be frustrating at times too .

    If this is not the correct place for this, my apoligize and please re-direct.

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    Most simple:

    Plugin > an xml file with code, you can import this and it will insert code into locations, this can be used to enhance functionality. This does not modify the actual php files. Upgrading is very easy.

    Hack > the actual php code, actually inserted into the vbulletin php files. This means if you replace the files with an upgrade that you will loose this modification. Upgrading is harder. Modifications have to be re-applied afterwards.


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      Can you give an example of a plugin and it's use?


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        I recommend browsing the resource directory on - it shows both plugins and source code modifications.


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          Is associated with this site and supported or is it a a totally different site?



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   / Jelsoft can only support the source code they have written. We do not know the code written by others and unfortunatly can't keep track of each resource released to train the staff to give support for it.

            Jelsoft therefor doesn't support third party source code - including vBulletin source code modifications, template code modifications, products / addons and plugins modifications.

   is an official Jelsoft sister site. On this web site we invite customers to share their customizations and optionally give support for it. Note that the staff are not Jelsoft staff members (except for the main admin: marcoh64). Support given on is unofficial, but should be enough to get you started enhancing your vBulletin.

            vBulletin developers keep the coders close to heart and have updated the forum software over the years to make modifications easier to create, import/export and use. In the latest series it is even possible to use strategic hook locations to insert PHP code - without having to edit any .php files. Making giving support for addons also a bit easier. Debugging a broken forum is now a matter of temporary disabling the plugin/hook system.


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              Very nice to know.

              Thank you for the information Floris.


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