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  • Need help with RSS Feed

    I am trying to get a RSS news feed in my forum thread. This is the url:

    I have no clue how to fill the:

    Parent RSS Tag Name
    Items RSS Tag Name
    Thread Title RSS Tag Name
    Thread Post RSS Construct

    Can anyone help? Thank you

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    I have answered your same question at vBulletin.Org.


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      Thank you soooo much!!!! I literally spent the last 4 hours playing with it. I also want to ask you one question regarding the RSS news. Are they automatically updates to the forum? Or do i need to manually update them? Thank you


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        If you set up the scheduled task, then it is automatic every hour. But you can manually update it whenever you want via. the Feed Manager.

        Anyway, we should be quiet, you aren't supposed to get hack support here


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          Thanks Rob. I didnt know they do not offer hack support. Ill make sure Ill watch out from now. Once again, I really apprecaite the help. You made my day

          One more thing: For the scheduled tasks I see four digits. What exactly does this represent?


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            Day of Week: What day you want to run the task (* if n/a)

            Day of Month: Day of the month you want to run the task (* if n/a)

            Hour: The hour of each day you want to run the task (* for every hour)

            Minute: The minutes of each hour you want to run the task
            For example

            1 - - - will run the check at 1 minute of each hour.
            1-15-30-45 will run the check at 1 minute, 15 minutes, 30 and 45 minute of each hour.

            Does that help?


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              yes. thank you very much Rob

              is there anyway to expand the text of the RSS feed that gets placed into my threads? At this moment, I only get one line and then a "read more...."
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                Do you have a link to that tutorial?


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                  i was reading through the vbulletin user manual on RSS feeds, found this question as well and dont know if it applies here as well but my question is this:

                  Based on VBs user manual this is how it says to rnable rss feeds.
                  PHP Code:
                  <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
                  script type="text/javascript">
                  for (
                  i in threads)
                  document.writeln(threads.title " (" threads[i].poster ")<br />");
                  however at the beginning of the section it says this:
                  The External Data Provider is used to syndicate this information to external websites. This feature uses the permissions for the Unregisted / Not Logged In usergroup. If that usergroup doesn't have permissions to view the forum, the feeds will not work.
                  now from my understanding that if you have unregistered users/not logged in usergroups this wont work, that how can you enable rss feeds such as google home page content? without having to login? a few of my users have wondered how they can get content from my site forum on their google home page? any thoughts or ideas on how i can do this?
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                    Originally posted by soletrader View Post
                    is there anyway to expand the text of the RSS feed that gets placed into my threads? At this moment, I only get one line and then a "read more...."
                    No, you can only use the description of the article that the website provides in the feed. They don't want to give too much away as they actually want people to visit their site and not just read it via. the feed. It's out of our control.


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