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How Can I stop this?

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  • How Can I stop this?

    Okay I've edited my templates so I can have an space between categories and I get the quirk that makes this happen, so I edited it for the forumhome template and thats fine got rid of it...but on the subforums I do want to get rid of it but when I do that it messes up all my sub forums look messy like this.

    I do know that I can get it inline and looking better if I add a category strip as I then get the bit above that says forum, threads, post, last post...but my aim is to just get the forum, threads, post, last post without having to add another forum as a category to do so.

    So if that makes sense is there a way to do that?

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    That page has no column headers to define the widths. You can add the header back in but surround it with this conditional so it only shows for the specified forums:

    <if condition="in_array($forumid, array(X,Y,Z))">
    Where X,Y,Z is a comma list of forumids in which the headers will be shown.


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