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  • Cookies/Remember Me Issues

    Good morning vBulletin folks

    I am having some issues on a recent install/upgrade and I was hoping someone could help me.

    When members check “Remember Me” it’s not remembering anything. I think we’ve got a cookie issues – because its not marking forums read correctly and it’s also not taking you to the newest post of the thread when you click to go to the newest post – which is frustrating. Any tips on what I can look at to address this? I have the setting in AdminCP set to Cookie Based.

    Also, members can’t edit their profiles –we’ve got an error somewhere I guess – they can open the edit profile page, but nothing saves.

    I really hate asking stupid questions like this – but my developer had an out of town emergency and here I am

    Any tips/advice would be great!

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    Are you 100% positive that its not working? Is this also effecting yourself?

    What is the cookie domain currently set for as well as the folder under the vBulletin Options.


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      100% positive. (Edited to add: Yes, it is also affecting myself, as well as the two developers who have *tried* working on it over the past two days)

      Let me muddy the waters a bit more.

      Sometimes Remember me does what it should and Remembers me. From time to time, I can go away from my desk for an hour...two hours...whatever...then come back and still be logged in and able to navigate the site without relogging. However, sometimes it doesn't.

      It has never taken me to the actual newest post - as it supposed to. For example, I replied to a post yesterday, today there was a response, I clicked the little new post icon to take me to the newest response - and it takes me to responses that were made YESTERDAY before I even post - at the very least I expect it to remember that I had posted there and at least get me down below my own post, which I've obviously already read

      I've tried the cookie domain both ways - my domain as well as blank - currently its set to my domain.

      I'm working on deleting a million plus threads/posts from my site - this wouldn't impact it, would it?


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        Set it back to blank and the folder for it should be set to /

        Then logout, clear your cookies, restart your browser, and try again.


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          We've done that countless times - testing it both ways. I will give it another try - but each time I do this, I affect 137K members, so its not just me that has to clear cookies, restart my browser and try again...just so you understand my reluctance.

          By the way, we did NOT have this problem in 8 months of testing/building on a dev server.


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            Under all normal circumstances the cookie domain should be left to its default settings. I've never had a problem with not being able to stay logged in unless I was having a browser issue or the cookie domain was set badly.


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              Ok I am giving it a shot We'll see.

              Let me ask another quick question while I have you - I have three forums, before I upgraded the one in question, any time you logged into the forums, you would physically have to click Log Out to logout (or clear your cookies or whatever) but you were never logged out after a defined time or when you closed your browser. I'm finding that this is the case with my upgraded members have become accustom to the other this a 3.5 limitation? Or was there some tweaking done to the other forums that made this happen?


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                IF you click remember me, you do not logout untill you click loggout, or clear your cookies, it has always been this way.


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                  Ok I will see how it works out of yesterday morning, we were logging members out ever 18-19 minutes (they were timing it).


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                    Not remembering even when the box is ticked, could also indicate problems with a modified template.

                    Try creating a new Style with no parent set, and login while using that new style (you might need to change the board default to test it, since once logged out you will be using the board default style)
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                      It *seems* to be working ok this morning - I will watch it today and see how it does.

                      Thanks for the tips/feedback


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