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Upgrading MySQL

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  • Andy Huang
    I think logically speaking, it should not affect the board in turns of visual impact, except a long down time when you're physically upgrading and what not (because database not accessable). You will most likely be more secured than using the older outdated version which may have security issues that was not addressed, but this may or may not be the case. Preformance wise, if what your database uses (IE: table type if you're using cluster etc.) have been updated for better preformance, you may see a small preformance boost as well. However, it is always strongly adviced to backup your database and old version binaries etc. on a separate computer in case if the upgrade goes bad.

    I think you might get better replies in the server optimization section... so maybe ask a mod to move it there for ya?

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  • Shoe
    started a topic Upgrading MySQL

    Upgrading MySQL

    I want to upgrade MySQL to a better version. How will this affect the board?

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