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Changing "name" of skin to my own?

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  • Changing "name" of skin to my own?

    I was able to upload the skin I has a name up at the top like "Let's Talk" ....I want to change THAT name to my forum name but can't figure it out!
    Do I need to redesign the part that says "let's talk" since it's an actual picture (I notice everything is saved as gif images) or can do I edit code or what? I assume there must be a way since these people that download these skins are going to want their own name on it...


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    Admin Control Panel > Styles & Templates > Style Manager > dropdown: edit settings > here you can give it the name you want.


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      THanks! I"m going to try that...
      now when I upload a new skin..will my info just transfer or do I need to go back and replug everything?


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        What info do you mean? If you change a template and export a skin it will have those changes.


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          Sorry I just figured it out..I can't believe I couldn't see it.
          Thank you VERY MUCH!!!

          One laaast question....when I go to style manager I see both skins (templates)...the one it currently points to when I type in my address is the default do I make it point to the newly uploaded one instead?
          I thought it had to do with the boxes on the side (click and unclick) but when I unclick the default skin and click the new still shows up as my main one.


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            visible one: [x] (checked)
            invisible one [ ] (unchecked)

            now go into the admincp > vboptions > vboptions > style settings > allow users to change style? no > select the new style.

            And go to the style manager again and click on the new style. your forum will load with it and your members will also see the new style.


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