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  • User Ranks Question

    I don't usually play around with usergroups/ranks and what not so I'm not sure about this one.

    Ok this is how it's set up at the moment.

    - Users are assigned to certain usergroups based on credentials.
    - With these usergroups they're able to access particular forums (normally hidden)
    - They're also given a user rank (image).
    - However it's also set up when providing credentials that they can remain anonymous, so that no other member knows they're apart of these usergroups.

    So, how can I set it up so that X amount of other usergroups cannot see their usergroup status or user rank image (apart from admins/super mods/mods) if they want themselves to be set as anonymous, they get put into a separate usergroup.

    I've checked on this (when I'm logged out), and whilst they display the characteristics of being in this separate usergroup they still have the user rank image showing...

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    Ok, tried something.

    Created a 1x1 transparent image and assigned it as a user rank image for this anonymous usergroup however it didn't work, one of the other usergroups take presidence even though it's an additional usergroup and not primary.


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      If I understand you correctly, you'd need to first set the other usergroups to not stack with others, and then set the anonymous group to be determined by Displaygroup (displaygroup always takes precedence over Always).

      I think that should work.


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        That doesn't seem to work.


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          You want users to have an option to hide their ranks which indicate their group status? There is no such option. Ranks are always visible to everyone.


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            In this case a template conditional will work since the setup in this situtation happens to favor it.

            add AND $post[usergroupid] != X to your $show['rank'] conditionals change $post to userinfo for the member template


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