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  • Moderator doc's?

    Is there separate moderator doc's so my moderators don't have to wade through 500+ pages of the manual?

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    No, I don't know of any such thing.
    Most functions are self-explanitory though.
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      Originally posted by Colin F View Post
      Most functions are self-explanitory though.
      I thought so, too, until my moderators started asking what the checkboxes are for, and where are the mod tools, etc.

      Is it my imagination, or are people needing their hands held more and more these days?
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        I think such a thing would be most helpfull.
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          Such a thing would be very helpful!
          It seems there are no documents to help moderators or users to learn functions of the discussion board.
          I've had to write tutorials on seemingly very simple things for my users and my moderators.
          I would LOVE to have manuals!


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            It is pointless to have docs only for the backend, and not for moderating (deleting, merging etc.) from the front end.

            Many of the functions are not self-explanatory. If you delete the first post in a thread, you delete the entire thread. That's not the kind of stuff you want to learn through trial and error.

            The question is, does Jelsoft see value in producing and maintaining this for their customers?


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              Excellent point.
              Can a mod please move this to suggestions and feedback?
              I buy 420 forums


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                I would be willing to pay for such an animal.
                I think that Jelsoft should make this available for sale.
                Things like this are not inexpensive to have created. If Jelsoft isn't interested, it might be a good way for someone to make some bucks, if they have the time, and some experience in moderating. They'd need permission, probably.
                I don't know. All I know is that I would love to have my mods have something like this.
                (For me, too!) We learned alot of hard lessons, in opening our Vbulletin board.


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                  Originally posted by Alfa1 View Post
                  I think such a thing would be most helpfull.
                  Yeah me too. My mods always ask alot of questions when being brought on the team. I have about 5 or 6 threads stickied in my staff room about how to do this and that, but trust me, no one reads them.

                  I mean one, about how to use the warning system, is about 2 post long. (I guess I type too much ). Sure my post are useful, but who wants to read all that? It'd be much easier if they had some searchable docs to use when they actually want to perform the action.


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                    Posting mod tips?

                    It might be a good idea if we all post our mod tips here, or someplace, so that we could start our own collection of tips/suggestions.

                    Then, we could whittle them down, get out any duplicity, and make our own helpful hints?

                    I'd be willing to start. I don't monitor this board as often as I'd like, so if anyone is interested in this idea, please PM me.



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                      Post your mod questions as new ' how do i ' threads in the how do i forum and staff will answer them.


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                        Could really do with a 1 stop resource though for future reference. A moderator wiki might be a better idea.


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                          Which is basically the how do i forum ..


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