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    Tonight I was having a play with the profile fields. I wanted to make the "Location" field a single-multiple choice field, so users would select from a choice of locations. I couldnt do this without deleting it, and then adding a new custom field (as single-multiple choice) called Location.

    It messed up the location coming up on the posts, but I fixed that by editing postbit template.

    I'm now getting error messages like this

    [COLOR=#550055]An error was encountered during execution of the query:[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#550055]SELECT u.username,u.homepage,u.usertitle,u.posts,u.joindate,uf.field2,,t.signature,avatar.avatarpath, NOT ISNULL(customavatar.filedata) AS hascustomavatar,u.avatarrevision FROM vb3_user u[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#550055]          LEFT JOIN vb3_userfield uf ON uf.userid=u.userid[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#550055]          LEFT JOIN vb3_session s ON s.userid=u.userid[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#550055]          LEFT JOIN vb3_usertextfield t ON t.userid=u.userid LEFT JOIN vb3_avatar AS avatar ON (avatar.avatarid = u.avatarid)[/COLOR]
                          LEFT JOIN vb3_customavatar AS customavatar ON (customavatar.userid = u.userid) WHERE u.userid=1062 LIMIT 1
    My question is....... the new location field is "field16", the old location field was "field2". Is it possible to re-number (manually in sql if i have to) so that my new location field id is the same as the old one? If so, which table(s)?

    Thanks in advance,

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