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Moved site to a different folder on web server

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  • Moved site to a different folder on web server

    When I first installed vBulletin, I installed it into the wrong folder on my web hosting company's server (Globat), the install itself was fine but users had to type the URL ( Also all AdminCP changes have to be done via the (HipHopAmbush). I want my visitors to go directly to and I also need AdminCP access, (which right now is a constant loop back to the login screen) I was able, with the help from the web hosting company to install vBulletin in the correct folder, all is fine except:

    (1)I can not log into the AdminCP and
    (2)I can view who's online, but I can't all of the detailed information like IP addresses (i.e. when I select Yes 'User Agent' I am immediately logged out)
    (3) Some users signature will be show up anymore

    As I stated before I am not having any problems with the it’s only buggy, in the new folder. Is there anything that I can do short of starting clean? I would hate to lose all data. I have reinstalled vBulletin in the correct folder for the second time. I could use some suggestions please.

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    I've responded to your support ticket.
    Best Regards
    Colin Frei

    Please don't contact me per PM.


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      Thanks, I got it, but it turns out that the database was screwed, probably by something Globat did. My suggestion to anyone considering a web hosting company stay away from Globat, their support is awfull, BTW can anyone on this board suggest a good company to go with?


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