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  • Fat Burger
    This just started happening to me. Posts and a couple entire threads are gone. Two of my posts, three of another admin's, and at least two whole threads have vanished completely. One of the threads reappeared briefly for me and then was gone again when I refreshed. It's the same posts for everybody, so it's not a weird browser caching issue or something.

    I've checked all the obvious things: moderation queue, rebuilt indexes, admin/mod logs, etc. I haven't upgraded, moved, or installed any hacks.

    There's only one admin besides myself, and I thought maybe he was playing a joke on everyone, but there'd be something in the logs. I really have no idea where to go from here.

    vBull 3.5.0
    php 4.4.2
    MySQL 4.1.19

    Any ideas are welcome

    Oh, interesting note: I rebuilt posts counts, and they didn't change. If the entries were simply dropped from the database somehow, I would expect the post counts to drop accordingly when rebuilt, right?

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  • Floris
    Default Age View for the forum is perhaps set to 30 days or 1 month instead of 'from the beginning'.

    Go to the forum manager and modify the forum where this happens and set the default view age to 'all threads'.

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  • Shaolin
    started a topic Posts/Threads disappearing

    Posts/Threads disappearing

    Random posts and threads on my forum are disappearing. I checked the logs and no posts/threads have been deleted.

    Anyone know any possible reasons behind this ?

    EDIT: On the forum which 1 thread has been deleted, on the stats it says 2 threads in that forum but when you go into that forum, there is only 1 thread.
    Last edited by Shaolin; Fri 16 Jun '06, 3:47pm.

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